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ARP Odyssey Module for your Desktop!

ABBA, Ultravox, Chick Corea, Vangelis and Elton John are just a few well-known names who made use of the legendary ARP Odyssey synthesizer. Now, KORG is bringing this iconic sound of the seventies back in style in collaboration with David Friend of ARP. Together, they introduce the ARP Odyssey as a separate module.

Epic as poetry

Besides the "Iliad", the famous Greek writer Homer also wrote the book "The Odyssey", which allows the reader to follow the adventures of the heroic Odysseus as he lives his glory days after the Trojan War. The ARP adopted the name Odyssey for a reason. This super hero synth produces two VCOs, pink and white noise, LFO, ADSR and filters a broad range of iconic synthesizer sounds. The Odyssey Module comes in two colour variations, the white ARP Odyssey Module Rev1 and the black-and-orange ARP Odyssey Module Rev3. Regardless of colour, both models are exactly the same where functionality is concerned.

Familiar but modern

Despite its retro look sounds, both modules are fitted with the very latest in technological wizardry. Besides all the standard connections that synths should have, these both feature MIDI-IN, a USB port and a balanced XLR output. This helps you integrate that vintage sound as optimally as possible with all your current gear. A power adapter and patch cables are included, which means your retro party can begin as soon as you take the ARP Odyssey Module out of the box!

For more information about pricing and delivery times, keep an eye on the product pages.

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