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Arturia BeatStep and MiniLab in Black

There's no denying that many people prefer their equipment with a black finish. There's just something professional and sleek about it. Arturia knows this, and decided to treat the people to new black versions of their BeatStep and MiniLab.

Perfect for studio and stage

The MiniLab is an elaborate little controller with 25 miniature keys, sixteen encoders, eight pads and touch strips for pitch bends and modulation. And, because they like the look, and vintage-minded producers would like to keep it that way: it has wooden side panels! The black BeatStep, meanwhile, is another product that does way more than you'd expect it to, judging by its price. One the one hand, it's 'just' a controller with backlit pads in CNTRL mode. And in SEQ mode, the Beatstep is a real step-time sequencer, with a 16-step sequence and the ability to store multiple sequences on the device itself.


The original white versions of these devices have made many customers very happy since their release, with their main strength being the unmistakable great quality. No throwaway plastic housings here, but instead, a durable metal one. No muddy pads, but ultra-sensitive ones that allows you to put expression into your playing with pin-point accuracy.

At their price, they're hard to beat, and that's something that many have already taken advantage of. Especially for mobile producers, these two compact machines are worth serious consideration. They do a lot, they're small and they're great fun to work with. What more could you want?

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