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Arturia Keylab Essential - Comprehensive USB/MIDI Keyboards

News from Musikmesse 2017! Arturia have announced that they are adding two new models to their popular Keylab series. The Keylab 49 Essential and the Keylab 61 Essential are both designed to make your life in the studio easier.

Complete package

There are plenty of USB/MIDI keyboards on the market already and every make and model has its own pros and cons. Arturia's Essential models take the best bits from all of them and put them together in one tidy, affordable package. Both Essential models have encoders, sliders, pads and transport buttons in addition to the standard features these types of keyboards have. They even come with Ableton Live Lite, Analog Lab 2 and UVI Grand Piano software included, giving you plenty of options. The Arturia Keylab Essential models are a worthy investment that will give you years of musical pleasure.

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