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Arturia MiniBrute in Red and MicroBrute in Transparant Red

You probably know the name Arturia from their outstanding and inspiring software and synthesizers, particularly the two very popular analogue synth beasts, the MiniBrute and the MicroBrute. If you're a synth geek, then your day is about to get better, because these Brutes have just been released in two limited editions!

Brutal—the sound of the MiniBrute

When the MiniBrute was launched, people didn't know what to expect of an analogue synthesizer made by a company that was known for developing virtual instruments. This monophonic synth featured 25 keys and tons of programming options and with a sound that could only be described as brutal!

Brutal—the sound of the MicroBrute

The MicroBrute is essentially a smaller version of the MiniBrute, and features a 25-note mini keyboard. It's very portable because of its compact size, but it's also comprehensive with a synthesizer section that's anything but small! Rest assured, this micro monophonic synth knows how to make some noise—it isn't called the MicroBrute for nothing, after all. For those who love to tweak their sound, it even offers a modulation matrix that works with patch cables so you can determine the route of the various components within the synth section. The possibilities are endless!

Red: the colour of synth love

It'll be love at first sight when you lay your eyes on the MiniBrute and the MicroBrute in red and transparent red, respectively. We predict the MicroBrute will be especially popular, as you'll be able to see all that intricate internal circuitry through its transparent red housing. Naturally, you can expect the same great sound and programming possibilities in these new synths, but in a colour that looks as good as it sounds.

This is no red herring!

We've rolled out the red carpet and expect to receive these new synthesizers in all their glory, but don't wait too long before placing your order, they're available in a limited quantity only!

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