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Arturia Presents MiniLab MK2 USB/MIDI Keyboard

Software and hardware development is Arturia's core business, and it's what they do best! They make impressive synthesizers, handy USB/MIDI controllers and comprehensive software, but they are also aware of the latest trends. Their latest product, the MiniLab MK2 is just the thing for producers on the move.

A MiniLab on location

The new MK2 by Arturia is similar to its predecessor, the MiniLab USB keyboard. It also has 25 velocity-sensitive minikeys, 8 RGB backlit pads for your drum tracks, and 16 encoders for your plugins. It all fits easily in your rucksack, leaving room enough for your laptop, so you can take this USB-powered MiniLab with you and create productions wherever you happen to be. The biggest differences compared to the original MiniLab include the MK2's housing, controls, keybed and colour scheme.


This affordable, yet comprehensive keyboard comes with three interesting packages: Analog Lab, which contains a large selection of vintage sounds that Arturia are known for. Synths, organs, piano's, strings - you name it, Analog Lab's got it! You'll also receive the spectacular UVI Grand Piano Steinway Model D plugin. Most importantly, the MK2 comes with DAW software Ableton Live Lite so you can get started producing right away. Ableton Live is especially popular in the EDM scene due to its ability to create song structures that can be adjusted on the fly.

In short, the Arturia MiniLab MK2 offers limitless possibilities and a friendly price tag for use in the studio as well as on the go!

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