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Arturia presents the Keylab Black Edition USB/MIDI keyboards

The number of USB/MIDI keyboards has become virtually astronomical. Which makes sense, of course, as they are key accessories for DAW software and the number of DAW users is growing every day. Arturia's Keylabs have been around for a while, but the new Black Edition models (49 and 61 keys) offer additional software packs.

The Keylabs are very - very - complete devices. Many other USB/MIDI keyboards offer a large number of functions and controls, but they pale in comparison to the Keylabs' extensive layout. In addition to 49 or 61 full-size keys with aftertouch, you are provided with the essential tools for true tone programmers: knobs, sliders and pads. Naturally, you can freely assign everything to your liking. Moreover, there are pitch and modulation wheels and buttons to program both the Keylab and your DAW. On the back is a classic MIDI in/out (DIN) and a USB port, as well as connectors for sustain and expression pedals, for instance.

Every Breath You Take

An amazing feature of the Keylab is that it has a 1/8-inch connector for a breath controller, which is perfect if you want to turn your breath into a MIDI controller. It is ideal for playing virtual wind instruments and it allows for extra creative options along the lines of atmospheric pads and soundscapes, for cunning sound designers.


The previous (white) Keylab already came with Analog Lab, an amazing collection of sound engines you might know from titles such as CS-80V and Jupiter 8V. For this Black Edition, Arturia adds three more titles: Solina V, Prophet V and UVI Grand Piano Model D. They all run on PC and Mac. It is an enticing collection of sounds (many thousands of presets) and if this doesn't inspire you, we don't know what will.

The Black Edition is available in a limited number only, so be quick to order yours today! You don't need to worry about content and quality; the black Keylabs are excellent devices brimming with functions!

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