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Arturia Presents V Collection 5 Virtual Synthesizers

It's no surprise that bundles are among our most popular software products. Generally speaking, for a relatively small investment, you get a number of different plugins to play with. Meet the latest addition to our assortment of software bundles, Arturia's V Collection 5.

Virtual synthesizers

The image above shows a wonderful collection of vintage synthesizers. If it's a classic synth, chances are Arturia has made a virtual version of it. Models like the Jupiter 8, the Prophet, the Moogs and the Oberheims didn't gain a great reputation for nothing, after all. In the V Collection 5, you can discover all of these classic synths and more.

New in the V Collection 5

One of the highlights in the V Collection 5 software has to be Arturia's Synclavier V. Perhaps you know about Synclavier already or perhaps you've never heard of it. For the uninitiated, this had machine FM, sampling and hard-disk recording on board back in the early '80s! We're not talking about a few hundred kilobytes of memory and a sampling rate of 30 kHz either. Those sort of specs didn't really arrive on cheaper products until the end of the '80s. The Synclavier, on the other hand, was a top-class synth with high-end specifications that were far ahead of its time. That made it unaffordably expensive for most people. Now however, you too can play with the Synclavier V! The sampling has been overtaken by modern-day software by the likes of Kontact and Halion, of course, but you still get the additive/FM synthesis with twelve partials.

Other new additions

Other notable additions include the beautiful B3 V, that emulates the sound of the classic Hammond B3 tonewheel organ, for all those progressive rockers among you. Fans of Fender Rhodes are catered for too, with the Stage 73 V including all of the classic effects. There's also the Farfisa V which is lighter than a Hammond and more cutting than a vox. And let's not forget about the Piano V module either.

That should be more than enough to tweak your interest, but you should really try the V Collection 5 for yourself. It's almost a shame that the summer is coming because the V Collection 5 may well give you reason enough to shut yourself up in your studio. This bundle is available as a complete package or as an upgrade to earlier V Collection versions. Up to and including June 30th, the complete package is available at a special price.

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