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Audient ID4 audio interface

The ID4 is a small USB audio interface by Audient, the same company that brought us the impressive ASP8024 mixing console. The saying 'good things come in small packages' certainly applies when it comes to the ID4.


The ID4's compact size makes it ideal for mobile producers. All you'll need is a laptop with your favourite DAW software, a USB cable and the ID4. Now it's possible to make professional-quality recordings outside of the recording studio too.


On the rear of the ID4, you'll find combined jack/XLR connectors equipped with phantom power. The preamp is nothing short of heavenly and proves that Audient is a name to be reckoned with in the world of professional music. The DI input on the front features a JFET transistor that gives you the same harmonic distortion as you'd get from a tube amp! The ID4 will transfer whatever sound you record as accurately as possible. There are controls for monitor mix & pan, mic gain, DI gain and volume, as well as a mute button. You can listen to your DAW via the ID4, through the monitor outputs or one of the headphone sockets.

Don't let the size the ID4 fool you. It's certainly not just another compact audio interface on the market. The ID4 will once again enhance the reputation of Audient as a company that makes outstanding, innovate products for the professional audio industry. That being said, the ID4 is a professional-level product aimed at those with a home recording studio and is therefore priced accordingly.

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