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Audio Technica Launches AT5047 Microphone

Audio Technica's flagship large-diaphragm condenser microphone, the AT5040, is now joined by the brand-new AT5047.

Exceptionally broad dynamic range

What makes the AT5047 microphone truly unique is its capsule, which is made up of four rectangular diaphragms, thus creating a larger surface area that significantly improves the microphone's signal-to-noise ratio. What's more, the ultra-thin diaphragms are matched, meaning they have been fine-tuned to one another for the very best results.

Transformer-coupled output impedance

Transformer-coupled output impedance means that the AT5047 is equipped with two transformers that have essentially been joined together. The result of this process is an impedance stable enough so that you can capture audio sources at any volume level. The AT5047 is known to have one of the lowest self-noise levels in the world. So, whether it's vocals or your drums you're recording, the AT5047 guarantees phenomenal results.

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