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AudioQuest JitterBug USB Filter - the First of Its Kind!

USB is one of the most well-known interface connectors in the age of computer audio. External sound cards are usually connected to a computer using USB, for instance, and virtually everyone has a USB drive with music on it. The only problem is that electronic equipment can cause interference and noise in your audio. When that happens, the quality of your sound rapidly deteriorates, and in extreme cases it might even cause your audience to walk out the door, taking your reputation with them.

Laptops, computers, phones and NAS drives can all cause noise or interference in your audio signal. However, using AudioQuest's patented Dual Line-Conditioning Circuitry, the JitterBug will filter all those impurities out of your signal. This prevents distortion and signal loss, and protects the warmth and richness of your music.


Using the JitterBug could hardly be any easier. Simply plug it in between the USB socket and the USB cable/drive, and it'll do its job automatically. It even works both ways, meaning it can be used for both incoming and outgoing signals.


The AudioQuest Jitterbug works perfectly in combination with the AudioQuest DragonFly, which is a high-quality USB DA converter. Of course, on its own, the DragonFly is still susceptible to interference, but the JitterBug will take care of that, giving you a high-quality audio output on your PC or laptop.

Universally applicable

The advantage of the JitterBug's design is that it can be used with virtually any USB connector, preventing signal distortion. Although it was originally designed for digital audio signals, other signals can also benefit from the JitterBug filter.

All in all, the AudioQuest JitterBugis a smart purchase for anyone who works with USB audio equipment!

Keep an eye on the product page for up-to-date information on delivery and pricing.

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