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Audix presents: dynamic microphone!

Audix introduces the versatile i5 dynamic microphone at a competitively low price! Check it out at Bax-shop! This microphone owes its versatility to its broad dynamic range and unique membrane, which was specifically developed to keep background noise and feedback to a minimum. The i5 can be used not only for studio and live applications, but for broadcasting purposes as well!

The i5: the ideal dynamic microphone?

The versatility of the i5 is what makes it popular with a wide audience. After all, it's suitable for vocals, but also guitar, bass and percussion, as well as wind and brass instruments! It is equipped with a VLM (Very Low Mass) membrane that delivers a natural, authentic sound. All this, combined with its cardioid pickup pattern, makes the i5 suitable for a wide range of applications, especially as it also reduces background noise and feedback to the absolute minimum. It also has an impressive SPL maximum of 140 dB without clipping! The patented 'CabGrabber' attachment system makes mounting the microphone on amps and cabinets a piece of cake.

Broad dynamic range and 'dent proof' housing

The Audix i5 has a dynamic range of 50 Hz - 16 kHz, which, next to its wide variety of applications, makes for a natural, clear sound. This means you're not dependent on EQing to get the sound you desire! This durable mic has a zinc alloy body and a sturdy 'dent proof' steel grille. The gold-plated XLR connector makes for a classy and unique finish. The i5 comes with a high-quality microphone clip and a carrying pouch.

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