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August is upgrading DJ software month!

The three main DJ software programs have all decided to launch their new software updates in august. With the update, Pioneer's Rekordbox allows you to rip and import your CDs, records, and cassette tapes directly. Native Instruments are moving away from their Service Center towards the more streamlined Acces. And Serato offers the new option to subscribe to one of their new expansion packs. Furthermore, Serato has teamed up with SoundSwitch to create new lighting automation software forDJs who also want to put on an amazing light show.

SoundSwitch and Serato software

At present, the SoundSwitch software is still only a beta version, which means it doesn't yet support all light effects. This is just the first step, however. The SoundSwitch software allows you to control your music and lighting with seamless synchronisation for each track. All you need is the unique SoundSwitch DMX interface that will be launched officially later this month. With the latest update of Serato you have the option to subscribe to one of their new expansion packs, for example. In addition to the new subscription options, the newest Serato update also contains a number of bug fixes and some slight optical changes.

Ripping with Rekordbox

Pioneer's latest update of the renowned Rekordbox has turned this software program into a DJ's version of iTunes, since you're able to digitise all your music! Whether the music you want to rip is on a CD, record or cassette tape, Rekordbox is all you need to determine your cue points and make your digital playlist. Pioneer also added the RMX Effects Plus Pack for Rekordbox DJ to the latest software update. Native Instruments also included a handy addition in their latest software upgrade in the form of a beta version of Native Access, that is meant to replace their somewhat impractical Service Center. Updating your software, managing your licenses, and your update notifications is very easy in the new Native Access, which was developed in cooperation with Centrecode who also test a lot of business software. But, Native Instruments needs your help too! If you want to help test and improve the beta version of Native Access you can download the application here.

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