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Auralex's Sustain series emphasises the natural ambiance

Auralex has revisited their Sustain series. This series of bamboo diffusers is great for recording and listening rooms, and emphasises the room's natural response. In their quest for optimal purity of sound, Auralex designed five diffusors. These diffusors were shaped in such a way that the sound will be evenly distributed throughout the entire space, without compromising its acoustic liveliness. The panels are available in wall, ceiling or floor mounted versions, depending on which model you choose. Furthermore, the natural materials they're made of greatly add to the rooms aesthetic appeal.

Auralex Sustain series: five different models

The Auralex Sustain series consists of thePrism, Metro, Lens, QuadraTec and Pyramid models, each with their own purpose. First of all, the Prism model eliminates flutter echoes and other acoustic anomalies without compromising the room's acoustic energy. By removing the flutter, it allows for a much clearer sound image. The Prism's design evenly distributes the sound throughout the room, for a more consistent listening experience. This panel can be mounted on the wall, or used in reinforced ceiling grids.

The Auralex Sustain Metro is a wall-mounted diffuser that spreads the sound evenly throughout the room, without affecting its natural ambiance.

The Auralex Sustain Lens diffuses the sound and redirects the acoustic energy. It's a highly effective alternative for absorbing reflections, and makes a room sound larger than it actually is. This panel is meant for use in ceiling grids.

Thanks to this panel's unique shape, the Auralex Sustain QuadraTec diffuses and scatters the sound excellently, resulting in a warm musical character. These panels should be placed as mirrored pairs, and can be mounted to either the wall or the ceiling. The more of these panels you place, the larger their impact on the sound and feel of the room.

Finally, the Auralex Sustain Pyramid also allows for an even diffusion of the sound when you mount it on the wall or in a ceiling grid, and when you fill it with an absorbing material, it's also an excellent bass trap. When tested in conjunction with diffusers that are made of conventional materials such as fibreglass or plastic, it turns out that bamboo allows for a much greater musical experience and a much more natural feeling sound.

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