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Available Soon: Roland DriftBox-R

Previously released under the name Reon DriftBox, and soon available as a Roland product: the Roland DriftBox-R. This analogue tabletop mono synthesizer is perfect for endless hours of sound experiments.

Analogue synthesizer

This analogue synthesizer - originally developed to demonstrate the SBX-1 - is a conveniently compact instrument that matches the devices from Roland's Aira series in looks. Two oscillators, a filter and an envelope generator provide you with a solid foundation. You can use the DriftBox-R independently by means of the trigger button, or incorporate it into a modular setup. In the latter case, its CV inputs will certainly come in handy. Naturally, this compact little synth goes well together with products like the Roland System-1m. It's also a great tool for live performances, as its easily accessible potentiometers and switches allow for quick and easy adjustments.

There's a chance that the DriftBox-R is issued as a limited edition only. Keep an eye on the product page for up-to-date information on delivery and pricing.

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