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Avid Introduces Pro Tools Dock Docking Station and Mixing Console

The Avid Pro Tools Dock is a hybrid form of touch screen technology with a hardware-based interface that works seamlessly with your iPad. The integration between these two interfaces is perfect for engineers who want to navigate quickly through extensive projects, but who need a compact, mobile working environment without having to sacrifice functionality or overview.

EUCON platform

Avid's Pro Tools Dock is a compact, ergonomic interface based on the advanced touch screen workflow of the Master Touch Module from Pro Tools S6. EUCON is a protocol that was designed to facilitate communication between hardware interfaces and software applications. Just a few of its practical features include platform independence, gigabit ethernet, DAW plugin control from the channel strips, and the possibility to operate other workstations and applications simultaneously.

Pro Tools Dock philosophy

Pro Tools works under the premise that mixing engineers prefer to work with physical faders, knobs and controls. If this preference is combined with touch screen technology for quick navigation, monitoring and on-screen operation, a beautiful hybrid approach is born. This device really is the best of both worlds - tangible and visual control. The LEDs on the Pro Tools Control app correspond with the colour-coded soft keys on the dock itself to further enhance the integration.


Keep an eye on our product page for up-to-date information on delivery times and pricing.


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