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Avid Pro Tools Promotion- For a Limited Time, Get a Free Eleven Plugin

Guitarist Dave Navarro is well known for his time with rock bands Jane's Addiction and the Red Hot Chili Peppers - so he clearly knows his way around guitars and amplifiers. Then there's Eleven (the AAX plugin), also quite familiar... And then we have Avid Pro Tools, we're sure you've heard of that one!

If Eleven doesn't ring a bell, be sure to check out the video below. It's a plugin that simulates guitar amplifiers. And if Dave's that excited about it, you know it's the real deal!

The offer

For a limited time only, you can get this Avid plug-in for free. If you purchase Pro Tools this month (September 2015), Avid will add the Eleven plugin to your account free of charge! A gift from Avid to you! Do note, however, that this only applies to full Pro Tools licenses, and not the educational versions or monthly licenses.

You have until the 30th of September to decide, but we're pretty sure this promotion is worth it, especially for guitarists, as the Eleven plugin is worth about $499. Of course, investing in a Pro Tools license would be a good idea regardless of special promotions, as its' the industry standard for audio editing. Everyone uses it, from film studios to recording studios.


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