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Avid Pro Tools - the new licensing model

Avid is transitioning to a new licensing model. That means that your work space will no longer be cluttered with Pro Tools software boxes, because now you'll simply get a digital license!


When you order Pro Tools software, you are investing in a card with a license code on it. This single card gives you access to the most recent version of Pro Tools. At the moment, that would be Pro Tools 12, but later on there will of course be Pro Tools 13, Pro Tools 14, and so on.

We created a practical central information page for you with all of the Pro Tools product information. There's currently a paragraph about Pro Tools 12, but if a new version is released the text will be updated. The product pages for the license cards are essentially timeless - with the new card system, your card will always be relevant. You'll also find a link to the central information page on the product pages, so you always know what you're getting when you buy a license card.

As far as content is concerned, you can expect Avid to continue to provide the same high level of content that has made them the media world's captain of industry. Pro Tools remains the package for which many superior controllers exist.

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