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Avid Sibelius - the new license model

Like Avid's Pro Tools, notation software Sibelius will work with a different license model from now on. This means you'll no longer receive a colourful box - you'll be working with activation cards and downloads instead.

You will probably be familiar with our elaborate product pages. Avid's new license model means you no longer have to browse through these pages on Sibelius. From now on, your purchase consists of an activation card that allows you to download the latest version of Sibelius, or you can choose to receive a download link that sends you the information via e-mail. This means that, just like with Pro Tools, our new Sibelius pages are quite general. You will recognise these product pages by the following pictures:

Like we did for Pro Tools, we set up a central information page about Sibelius that covers all the ins and outs of the notation software, the latest version now being version 8. As soon as a new version is released, this page will be updated immediately. The product pages of all the activation cards and downloads simply give a short description of the license type and are thus more general.

Different versions

To help you decide which type of license is the best choice for you, we advise you to read the central information page. There's a lot to choose from: activation cards, downloads, but also various upgrades and educational versions. We really encourage composers and orchestrators who'd like to work with real performers to give Sibelius some serious attention. There's a reason why Sibelius is such a renowned notation editor, after all!


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