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Ayra Presents 13 New Light Effects

You probably know the brand Ayra for their wide assortment of light effects and smoke machines that are competitive in both price and quality. We're proud to present thirteen new products as well as additions to the Compar spotlights by this innovative brand.

We can't wait to tell you more about them!

ERO Motion Heads 4W and ERO Hexabeam

These are two intelligent moving head light effects with metal frames and plastic covers, driven by powerful, accurate step motors.

The ERO Motion Heads boast 10-watt bright white LEDs and a lens for generating an intense beam of light. With their integrated stand adapters, theERO Motion Heads 4W can be mounted in a truss or on a stand. Daisy-chain multiple units and treat your audience to a combination of razor-sharp light beams and fans.

The ERO Hexabeam has six tilting heads distributed over two rows in a fan formation, and each head is equipped with a 10-watt RGBW LED to create breams of light in red, green, blue and white.

Both machines are equipped with quick-coupler brackets for easy mounting, a selection of automated programs with adjustable speeds, and sound-controlled modes. Master/slave mode and control via DMX are also possible, as well as pan and tilt inversion.

Compar 50 and Compar 60

These two new additions to the Compar lineup are equipped with powerful 18-watt RGBAW+UV LED modules for all kinds of creative colour possibilities including traditional blacklight effects. Thanks to temperature-controlled fans, these effects are suitable for small or large spaces and produce a minimal amount of noise. The robust metal housing and Neutrik PowerCon connectors makes these machines suitable for use on the road.

The Compar 50 has six RGBAW+UV LEDs while the Compar 60 has twelve! You can use both devices in master/slave mode, program them via the same DMX channels adjust automatic fades and colour macros using the menu buttons on the LED display. Both units can be used standing upright or suspended in a truss.

ERO Micro Spot and ALO Micro Scan

This is a scanner and a moving head that have a lot in common, including the same gobos, colours and lenses, which means they can be combined in terms of effects, master/slave mode and via DMX!

Both the ERO Micro Spot and the ALO Micro Scan are equipped with a powerful 10-watt white LED with high light yield. The accurate step motors move quickly and directly, or slowly and smoothly; it's up to you!

The moving heads can be used in standalone mode, and feature pan and tilt functionality. If the unit is close to a wall, it can be set to a 90-degree pan and 180-degree tilt; with more space around it, the functionality increases to a 180-degree pan and a 540-degree tilt.

The scanner and the moving head are both equipped with automated programs with adjustable speed, sound-controlled mode, and master/slave mode. Some great on-board functions include split-colour, pan/tilt invert, manual focus and the option to adjust the microphone sensitivity in sound-controlled mode.

ERO 404 and ERO 406

The ERO 404 and ERO 406 are about the same size as the ERO Micro Spot, making them ideal for use in the same setup. The main difference lies in the LED technology. The ERO 404 is equipped with four 10-watt RGBW LEDs and a narrow beam angle while the ERO 406 has four RGBAW+UV LEDs with a broader beam angle.

Both units have quick-couplers underneath for easy mounting and removal, automated programs with adjustable speed, a sound-controlled mode and master/slave functionality. Both can also be operated manually or via DMX.


The existing FLASH 1500D and FLASH 150 are now equipped with traditional flash tubes, and Ayra have added the FLASH 30 LED and FLASH 60 LED with powerful bright-white 5050 SMD LEDs.

The main advantage of these effects is that they feature a dimmer and can also be used for static lighting purposes.

Using special reflector technology, the device will simulate a strobe light. Both units feature an LED display with menu buttons for standalone mode and when using static lighting. Strobe mode can be set to sound-controlled mode or at a specific speed. The units can be controlled via a DMX fader controller on two channels - one for the dimmer and the other for the flash speed and sound-controlled mode. Both DMX and power can be daisy-chained and the reflector and LEDs are protected by a transparent plastic cover.

Q-Par 4 and Q-Par 6

Another new addition to the Ayra assortment are the Q-Par 4 and Q-Par 6 spotlights. They feature an LED light source and state-of-the-art lenses. The former has four RGBW LEDs, big lenses and a narrow beam angle, while the latter has six LEDs, small wash lenses and a broader beam angle. These units share the same control options and can be combined and programmed simultaneously.

Choose between static colour macros, colour fades or strobe with adjustable speed. The Q-Pars have a decorative die-cast aluminium housing that is built to last and a filter frame on the front for a colour correction or diffusion filter. These LED spotlights are equipped temperature sensors that continually measure the machine's status and only activate the fan when necessary.

TDC 180 Derby

Ayra's new TDC 180 Derby (with lots of lenses and an RGB light source) has 2x 10-watt RGBW LEDs and endless rotation.

The lenses are positioned at an angle of 180 degrees, which means this compact powerhouse can be used in a corner or against the wall of any room.

In terms of functionality, the TDC 180 Derby has an LED display with menu buttons, built-in programs with adjustable speed, a sound-controlled mode, master/slave functionality and full control via DMX. The unit has metal housing with mounting bracket and features an input and output for power distribution.

These new machines offer plenty of ways to express yourself at your next event! Best of all, these products are all in stock and available to order right now!

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