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Back to the '70s with the Vintage Reissued V72

This autumn, Vintage introduces the Vintage Reissued V72FTB and the Vintage Reissued V72HFTB, two semi-hollow TE models with a gorgeous Flamed top.


Semi-traditional guitars in full vintage style

A quick glance at these two new Vintage guitars instantly tells you which decade inspired them - if the name didn't give that away already. Both the V72FTB and the V72HFTB pay homage to the semi-hollow TE models of the early 1970s. With its SH configuration, vintage TE-style bridge with three brass saddles and classic tone controls, the V72FTB is the most traditional of the two. Its Tele twang comes courtesy of the Wilkinson Alnico single-coil near the bridge, while the Wilkinson mini humbucker at the neck provides a powerful counterbalance. The V72HFTB, on the other hand, is equipped with two full-size Wilkinson humbuckers and a 'modern' '70s-style pickguard. Both instruments owe their versatility and excellent resonance to their semi-hollow bodies. A beautiful flamed maple veneer top with a Tobacco Burst finish provides the finishing touch for these gorgeous guitars.



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