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Bax Music Presents Urikan X-PLOR Universal Flight Cases

Do you regularly take your valuable gear on the road? Then you'll want to be sure it's safe and secure during transport. The X-PLOR series of universal flight cases by Urikan consists of robust, practical, timeless cases that you can count on!

Getting equipment from A to B

Dust, water, collisions and bumps are all things that can potentially cause damage to your gear. Many (studio)musicians, camera men and women and photographers are sure to be familiar with the stress associated with travelling. Expensive microphones and camera lenses are sensitive, but essential to do your job! That's why Urikan have developed the X-PLOR Hard Case series of universal flight cases in various sizes so you can travel worry-free!

Urikan X-PLOR: timeless, robust and practical

Urikan X-PLOR flight cases are made of 6mm-thick epoxy and fibreglass and all the hinges are stainless steel. The lid has a watertight O-ring so that when it's closed, not a single drop can get inside. It can even float; check out the maximum buoyancy in the specifications on the product pages of each case. All of the X-PLOR cases features a thick layer of foam inside and egg-crate foam in the lid and the perforated foam inside can be pulled out to fit your equipment. For easy manageability, the flight cases have rubber anti-slip handles. The Urikan X-PLOR 6 and Urikan X-PLOR 8 are the largest of the series and are equipped with wheels and an extendible handle to be used as a trolley.


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