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Bax-shop Procured an Exclusive Gretsch Penguin Guitar!

Especially for guitarists who'd like to get their hands on a high-quality Gretsch guitar, Bax-shop has managed to procure another luxury Limited Edition guitar! With it's gorgeous finish, the Gretsch G6134T-LTD15 Penguin is a true gem - and a rare one at that! This unique instrument's gold-plated hardware gives it a classy look that really adds to the perfect Gretsch experience.

The true Gretsch experience!

This reinforced hollow-body guitar has no sound holes, so it combines all the advantages of an electric guitar and an electric-acoustic guitar. When you hook the Gretsch G6134T up to your favourite amplifier, you'll get that great hollow-body sound without the unwanted feedback. As such, the Penguin Midnight Sapphire allows you to fully experience the joys of a properly unique Gretsch guitar with both its looks and its sound.

Have you always dreamt of owning a limited edition Gretsch guitar? Then be sure to jump on this chance of ordering the luxury Gretsch Penguin Midnight Sapphire. And you might want to move quickly, as there are sure to be plenty of people who would be keen on owning such a unique instrument!

Keep an eye on the product page for up-to-date information on availability and pricing.


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