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BeatBuddy Mini: a Slimmer BeatBuddy

Singular Sound proudly presents the successor of the BeatBuddy: the BeatBuddy Mini. For only about half the price, this compact Mini edition offers virtually the same features and functions as the original BeatBuddy drum machine pedal. If you've never worked with a BeatBuddy before, now's your chance!

When it was first released, the original BeatBuddy was an instant success. The device won nearly every gear award up for grabs. With the BeatBuddy Mini, Singular Sound introduces a more affordable alternative. In essence, the BeatBuddy Mini is a drum machine in a slim guitar pedal housing. It's an innovative tool that delivers non-quantized beats and 16-bit recordings of real drummers, making musicians feel like they're rehearsing with an actual live drummer. The BeatBuddy Mini comes with 100 songs and is compatible with the BeatBuddy foot switch. It will be available as of December 2015.

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