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Beats by Dre Warranty Procedure

Is your Beats by Dre product defective? The Beats Electronics Customer Service team are happy to assist!

Whatever the problem might be, you can get in touch with Beats Electronics directly by calling 0800 028 2329. All returns or issues pertaining to the warranty will be handled by Beats Electronics. Bax Music handles product exchanges only.

Products by Beats by Dre are very popular, so it's great to know there is fast, direct assistance should you experience a defect or other problem with your Beats product. Normally, Bax Music handles all returns and determines whether a product defect falls under the warranty or not.

In this case, the manufacturer handles the warranty procedure. This means faster service for you! Also, by sending defective products directly to the supplier, fake Beats products can be intercepted which helps to prevent fraud.

This service is only available for customers who have purchased an authentic Beats product at an official dealer like Bax Music.

For all service and warranty procedures (excluding exchanges) call

Beats Customer Service UK
0800 028 2329

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