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Behringer Presents the FBQ6200HD Ultragraph Pro Equalizer

With the introduction of the FBQ6200HD equalizer, Behringer enables you to get creative with your sound. This 31-band two-channel graphic equalizer does not boast the HD tag without reason - you're dealing with High Definition here!

A graphic equalizer such as this is a great asset in the studio. It can help you adjust the timbre of your microphones, for instance. Not all mics have a strictly linear frequency response, after all. If you're a sound engineer for a venue, on the other hand, you can use a graphic equalizer to compensate for slightly coloured speaker output, or for the hall's own acoustics.


When you're talking graphic equalizers, detail is the magic word. This Behringer model certainly has that covered, boasting an impressive 31 frequency bands. That's not all the FBQ6200HD Ultragraph Pro has to offer, however. If you're in charge of a venue's PA system, you'll be familiar with feedback - annoying peaks that occur when a microphone picks up the output of a speaker or stage monitor and amplifies it. The FBQ6200HD features a FBQ Feedback Detection System that shows you exactly which frequencies are causing the problem, so you can take instant action.


The FBQ6200HD Ultragraph Pro offers you a choice of both jack and XLR inputs and outputs, including an XLR output for a subwoofer with adjustable level and crossover frequency. It also features a limiter, as well as low-cut and high-cut filters. Built from nothing but quality components, this Behringer graphic equalizer certainly deserves a prime spot in your PA rack.

With the FBQ6200HD Ultragraph Pro, Behringer has delivered a graphic EQ that proves its worth on stage as well as in the studio. Its bright LED lights will guide your way in the dark!

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