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Best Service Presents the Organum Venezia

Would you like to be able to blow your band members away with some full-blown organ sounds? Or do you simply enjoy playing Bach in your studio? In either case, Best Service's Organum Venezia is exactly what you need!

When it comes to producing awe-inspiring sound, a church pipe organ is a real contender. When they created the Organum Venezia virtual organ, V3SOUND, Symphonia Concert Library and Best Service wanted to do justice to the power of the original Venetian instrument, so they used the best possible recording techniques. Now you can enjoy the grand sound of this behemoth on your laptop!

Mix 'n' match

Like a proper church organ, the Organum Venezia allows you to work with various registers, so you're able to create the perfect organ sound. Both pipes and reeds are at your disposal, and there are several stops to choose from (including the familiar 16, 8 and 4 variations). Acoustics have been taken into account as well - simply add a nice dose of reverb, and you'll imagine yourself inside a gigantic church.

In short, Organum Venezia is an interesting library for studio producers. Even modern productions can benefit from a touch of organ - just listen to the score for a film like Interstellar, for instance. This virtual instrument comes with ENGINE 2 software included, so you can get started right away.

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