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Bitwig Studio 2 DAW Software Announced

Although a relative newcomer in the DAW world, Bitwig Studio already has its fair share of admirers thanks to its range of possibilities and its streamlined interface. That group is sure to grow even more with the announcement of Bitwig Studio 2.


True sound-tweakers love the original Bitwig Studio for its modular possibilities and one of the biggest advantages is that everything works together seamlessly. The same can be said for Bitwig Studio 2, only now there are even more possibilities. There are 24 new modulators that can be added to devices in Bitwig (internal devices and external plugins).

New devices

As well as new modulators, there are also new devices that include both MIDI and audio effects like a spectrum analyser, phaser, pitch shifter, treemonster, multi-note, note harmonizer, note length, note echo, note latch and note velocity. With a combination of modulators and devices like these available, your choices are virtually endless!

Other highlights

MIDI support has been greatly improved in Bitwig Studio 2. As well as standard features like MIDI CC, there's now also support for a CV-out that lets you send a CV signal to an output on your audio interface or something like a vintage synth. With the Remote Control section, you can choose a few of the parameters you use most and map them to the panel and then operate them using your MIDI controller. Various devices now also have displays that show the spectrum of your audio which is very handy in combination with compressors and equalizers.

Updgrade from version 1 to version 2

We haven't even mentioned the VST3 support or the new dashboard yet, but we're sure you get the picture. In short, Bitwig Studio 2 has many exciting new features and is compatible with Windows, OS X and Linux. Bitwig Studio 2 won't be available until the end of February 2017. Owners of Bitwig Studio 1 who purchased it on or after 10th December, 2016 qualify for a free update to version 2! We're sure you're all looking forward the release date as much as we are.

Yearly upgrades

As soon as the product pages are ready, you'll be able to order your copy of Bitwig Studio 2. Just like Sibelius and Pro Tools, Bitwig are planning a yearly upgrade system. As far as we know, this will mean paying a certain amount to get upgrades whenever they are released throughout the year. We'll keep you posted as soon as we find out more. For now, all we can do is wait until the end of February until Bitwig Studio 2 is unleashed.

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