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Blue Sadie and Ella Headphones

We all know Blue for their renowned microphones, and now, they've added two sets of headphones to their unique collection, the Ella and the Sadie. These eye-catching headphones are chock-full of features that will elevate your listening experience to a new level of enjoyment. When it comes to quality, you can expect the same high standard Blue is known for with their microphones.

Blue Sadie and Ella: headphones with extra built-in power

Blue developed the Sadie headphones for people who like to listen to music via their smartphone or laptop. Say goodbye to irritating playback and say hello to improved digital audio quality. Both sets of headphones feature a built-in analogue amplifier that offers three modes. There's a mode that ensures plenty of low-end that's designed especially for listening to vinyl. The Ella headphones have set drivers with a planar membrane that boasts a rich sound like that of a set of Hi-Fi speakers. These headphones fit the contours of your head perfectly, as they were inspired by the smooth, sleek lines of a Formula 1 car. Both also come with an in-line microphone for making and receiving phone calls, as well as an Apple-compatible remote control.

These Ella and Sadie headphones by Blue will give you anything but the blues!

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