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BOSS Celebrates with 40th Anniversary Box Set

Believe it or not, compact effects pedals by BOSS have been around for 40 years! The fact that they're still extremely popular is down to their great sound, their durability and their affordable prices. BOSS already begun the celebrations with their specialDS-1-4A pedal and now they're going even further with reissues of three of their very first compact effects pedals: the PH-1 Phaser, the OD-1 Over Drive and the SP-1 Spectrum.

BOSS BOX-40 Compact Pedal 40th Anniversary Box Set

Commemorative set

Just like the original pedals, these PH-1, OD-1 and SP-1 models are manufactured in Japan and equipped with the characteristic silver-coloured screw. Naturally, they work with today's power adapters and are equipped with modern LED indicators too. They come in a special 40th Anniversary Box that looks great if you want to show them off and as BOSS is only making 1500 worldwide, you'll get a card that shows which number you have too. If you're a true BOSS fan, you'll have to act quickly if you want to get your hands on this limited edition BOSS BOX-40 Compact Pedal 40th Anniversary Box Set.

For more information about pricing and delivery times, keep an eye on the product page.

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