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BOSS Introduces Four New Products for Guitarists and Bassists

BOSS has added four new items to its impressive range of products for guitarists and bassists. Guitarists will appreciate the Katana-Mini practice amplifier, while the MD-500 Modulation and RV-500 Reverb are effects pedals that can be used by bassists too. The GT-1B, however, is an innovate Bass Effects Processor specifically designed for bassists.

BOSS GT-1B Katana Mini

Compact and comprehensive

First up is the BOSS Katana-Mini which is a 7-watt practise amplifier that offers brown, crunch and clean amp-type sounds. It also has a built-in delay so that you can add an extra dimension to your tone. Then, there's the BOSS GT-1B Bass Effects Processor, which is a complete multi-effects unit in a relatively compact housing with a modern design and stylish blue lights. The GT-1B works with BOSS's Tone Central on your computer, which offers more presets and allows to you edit sounds in greater detail too.

BOSS MD-500 & RV-500

Modulation and reverb

Those searching for top-quality digital effects should take a look at BOSS's MD-500 and RV-500. The MD-500 offers pretty much every type of modulation effect you can think of, while the RV-500 is packed full of different types of reverb. Both pedals have more options on board than you can shake a stick at and both can be connected to a computer for extensive sound editing. Once you've found the sound you're looking for, you can save it as a preset for easy recall at a later time. Whether you're on the stage or in the studio, you'll find both these pedals extremely useful.

For more information about pricing and delivery times, keep an eye on the product pages.

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