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BOSS + JHS Pedals = JB-2 Angry Driver!

BOSS and JHS Pedals joined forces to develop the monsterously good BOSS JHS JB-2 Angry Driver effects pedal. Essentially, it's a combination of the BOSS BD-2 Blues Driver and the JHS Pedals Angry Charlie, which gives the JB-2 its extremely versatile overdrive effects.


BOSS JHS JB-2 Angry Driver

Anger for everyone!

The JB-2's versatility comes from the fact that it has no fewer than six different modes. That means you can enjoy the sound of the Blues Driver and the Angry Charlie or combine the sounds from each in different ways. Whether you want to play subtle blues or classic rock through a clean amp or hard rock through an overdriven amp, the Angry Driver is perfect for both. No matter what genre of music you play, the BOSS JHS JB-2 Angry Driver ensures you'll have versatile overdrive on hand whenever you need it.

For more information, including delivery time and price, take a look at the product page.

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