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Brand New American Audio Headphones!

Pretty much every brand on the market today has something to present at the annual NAMM trade show, and American Audio is no exception! This year, they are launching two attractive sets of headphones, the BL-40 and the BL-60. Each set comes complete with more features than you'll know what to do with!

40mm drivers

If you use headphones at home, we recommend the BL-40. These are stylish, black-and-grey on-ear headphones with 40 mm driver units that offer broad, pure audio. They come with two cables; a short one with an integrated volume control and microphone for use on the go, and a longer coiled cable for stationary use.

Headphones on stage

The BL-60 headphones boast similar performance to their counterparts, but are geared towards DJs and professional audio technicians (while still being suitable for use at home as well). You can count on pure, tight audio, even at higher volume levels, and the rotating ear cushions offer the flexibility you need for fast and easy one-ear monitoring. These headphones come complete with three cables—two long ones (one straight and one coiled) and a short one.

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