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Briteq Introduces New BT-Truss Stands and the BT-EASYSTAGE System

Briteq certainly hasn't been idle! Whether you're running a modest community centre or an open air theatre, the Belgian manufacturer's excellent equipment will have your productions running smoothly.

BT-Truss stands

The new Briteq BT-Truss stand is available in three different sizes: 100, 150 and 200 centimetres tall. That means there's a suitable model for every occasion! The BT-Truss stands elevate your lighting to the right height, and add a nice atmospheric touch to your events. They come with a semi-transparent sleeve that hides the tubes from view; place an LED PAR underneath, and you end up with a beautiful, luminous truss stand.


With the BT-EASYSTAGE system, Briteq has once again outdone itself. This modular stage system consists of 1x1-metre stage platforms that can easily be set up by a single person. To lift them off the ground, you'll need Briteq's risers, which provide each individual stage platform with support and come in two different heights: 40 and 60 cm. The BT-Easystage system was designed as a user-friendly stage solution. Building a stage has just gotten easier, and it no longer requires a big crew. You can even do it by yourself! A special transport trolley, complete with ratchet lashing straps to keep the stage platforms in place, simplifies the process even more. To prevent accidents from happening, Briteq offers special clamps that safely secure the individual stage decks together.

Briteq has again succeeded in making the world of light and sound a little bit better by coming out with another fine set of products

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