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Brutal British Amps for Bass and Guitar by Hiwatt

Legendary bands like The Who and Pink Floyd played on them in the sixties, and now, Bax Music is able to offer these British Hiwatt amplifiers to our customers. Whether you're a beginner or a professional musician, Hiwatt is sure to have something for everyone!

Living legends

If you're just starting your guitar adventure, the Hiwatt Maxwatt Spitfire is ideal, or if you're about to hit the stage, the Hi Gain HGS100H is perfect. No matter you're level at, Hiwatt has the amplifier that's right for you. Their Tube series is definitely worth having a look at too, which includes the Hiwatt T20 Combo, an amp that produces a great British tube sound at a relatively low volume. For bass players, Hiwatt offers the Maxwatt B300 Head.

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