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CAD Audio: New Brand at Bax Music!

Here at Bax Music, we're always on the lookout for great brands and innovative products. That's why we're proud to announce that the newest addition to our ever-growing collection of brands, CAD Audio!

Live and studio

The American brand CAD Audio have been making affordable microphones since 1988 that are ideal for both the stage and the studio. If you're new to music production, the GXL series will get you off to a flying start. It includes three condenser microphones, the GXL1200 small-diaphragm mic and the GXL2200 and GXL3000 large-diaphragm mics. Then there's the popular Equitek series, comprised of the e70, e100s and e300s mics. All in all, CAD Audio's outstanding products prove once and for all that professional quality can be affordable!

Be sure to keep an eye on the relevant product pages for up-to-date info on prices and delivery times.

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