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Casio Aims High with the Grand Hybrid Pianos

For the last few years, Casio has been working hard to conquer the digital piano market - not so much by means of clever marketing campaigns, but by focusing on quality and innovation. That's right, Casio means business, as the introduction of the remarkably high-grade Casio Celviano Grand Hybrid piano series once again makes abundantly clear. If you need further proof: the GP-300BK and the GP-500BP were developed in collaboration with the highly renowned acoustic piano brand Bechstein.

Sound and playing comfort

If you're in the market for a digital piano, there are two vital factors to take into account: sound and playing comfort. Most pianists would say that everything else is of secondary importance. The Grand Hybrids owe their sound to the AiR Grand sound engine, which provides you with three different legendary grand pianos, all emulated in minute detail. Press down on the sustain pedal and strike a few keys, for example, and you'll hear the rest of the undampened strings resonating along. Even the vibrations of the constant undampened highest strings have been taken into account. Furthermore, thanks to a polyphony of no fewer than 256 voices, you'll never have to worry about dropping notes, even during the most complex passages.

Acoustic emulation

To authentically imitate the sound of an acoustic grand piano, however, you'll need to go to even greater lengths. Two speakers weren't enough achieve the desired spacious sound, so Casio opted for an impressive six-speaker system instead. To enhance the authenticity of your key strokes, they collaborated with Bechstein, developing the brand new Natural Grand Hammer Action Keyboard, which features the same high-grade spruce that is used for the keyboards of Bechstein's own grands. A specially designed mechanism ensures a key response that is virtually indistinguishable from that of an acoustic model. In short, both the GP-300BK and the GP-500BP boast a luxury foundation that will convince any audience. Their various digital extras, including reverb effects and a USB connector, are the icing on the cake.

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