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Casio Celviano Grand Hybrid in White

Casio is an electronics giant known for its extensive range of products including musical instruments. They not only produce keyboards but also digital pianos like this Celviano Grand Hybird series GP-300 model that is now available in white.


The Celviano models were developed in collaboration with renowned piano manufacturer Bechstein, something that can be seen in its design, heard in its sound and felt when it's played. Three grand pianos were used to create the samples for an authentic sound and Bechstein also designed the keyboard for an authentic feel. They even used the same Austrian spruce that they use for their own models. Everything, right down to the pedals has been made to perform as closely as possible to a real acoustic piano.


Up until now, there have only been black versions available, but now there's the GP-300WE too. Apart from its colour, it's exactly the same as the black model with Layer, Split and Duet modes, 6 speakers and a recording function. Now, all you have to do is decide which colour you'd prefer.

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