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Casio Introduces the Privia PX-360 and PX-560 Digital Pianos

Isn't it great when good news is followed by more good news? Just recently, we were able to introduce the Casio CGP-700, a digital piano with a large colour display. Now, Casio has followed that up with two similar new models: the PX-360 and the PX-560.

Casio's two new Privia models are fairly alike. The PX-560 offers a few more features for connoisseurs, but the PX-360 is still a great digital piano. Both models can safely be described as keyboard/stage piano hybrids. At home they look great with an optional (wooden) stand, but remove that stand, and you have a practical, portable instrument that's ideal for gigs. Transport won't be a problem, as all you need for these Privias on stage is a compact X-style stand.

Sounds and rhythms

In addition to a beautiful piano sound, the PX-360 and PX-560 offer hundreds of other built-in tones, as well as 200 rhythms, which'll make you feel like you're playing a keyboard. A decent effects section allows you to add some extra flavour. The PX-560 has even more sounds than the PX-360, and also enables you to store your own user tones. The PX-360 has a polyphony of 128 voices, while the PX-560 offers a stunning 256, which means you can do virtually anything. Imagine a music piece that features 256 simultaneous voices...


As we said before, these new Privia digital pianos are both equipped with a sizeable colour touch display. It's a trend that really has been catching on - perhaps we have the smartphone industry to thank for that. Not only does a large graphic display like this allow for easy, intuitive control, it also makes the more complex functions easier to grasp. Take the digital pianos' MIDI recorder, for instance - when you're sequencing, a well-organised display is an indispensable tool.

Both the PX-360 and the PX-560 are true Casio instruments with plenty of other note-worthy features for a remarkably reasonable price. Check out the digital pianos' respective product pages for more information!

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