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Casio Presents the CGP-700 Digital Piano

Casio has come up with another brand new digital piano: the CGP-700. To merely label this versatile instrument a digital piano would be selling it short, though.

Traditionally, a digital piano provides you with a few piano sounds and some other keyboard instruments. Not the CGP-700, however, which - in addition to a beautiful grand piano - boasts hundreds of different sounds and styles. In a way, you could compare it to a keyboard in the housing of a digital piano. Equipped with a large 5.3-inch colour touch screen and user-friendly controls, the CGP-700 is proof that, like keyboards, digital pianos are becoming increasingly modern devices.

From part of the furniture to stage piano

Usually, a digital piano is an instrument you'd use at home. It blends in with the decor, becomes part of the furniture, and provides you with a pleasant spot for your piano lessons. However, taking such an instrument with you to go out performing isn't such a good idea. Not only is the stand of a digital piano a bit too unwieldy for transport, you don't really need it either when you have a decent PA system at your disposal. Fortunately, the CGP-700 offers a simple solution: remove the instrument's audio cable from the stand, then detach the stand, and you end up with a stage piano!

Options for piano lessons

A digital piano is the perfect instrument when you start taking piano lessons. Plug in a pair of headphones, and you're able to practise in peace. With the CGP-700, you can even plug in two pairs of headphones - one for you, one for your piano teacher - while your family or flatmates enjoy their favourite TV show undisturbed. It's also possible to split the keyboard, dividing it in two halves with the exact same tonal range. That way, your piano teacher is able to play you an example, without the two of you switching seats. It may seem like an insignificant feature, but in practice it's quite convenient.

Whether you're thinking of taking piano lessons, simply play for fun, or need an instrument to provide backing for an artist, the CGP-700 is an informed choice. Let's hope the Summer NAMM 2015 will bring us plenty of other news this good!

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