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Charvel Launches New Pro Mod and Signature Series

Charvel is pulling out all the stops with an extensive new range of guitars. They're expanding on their Pro Mod San Dimas Series with the Style 2 in all kinds of configurations.

Charvel: The original hot rod guitar

Back in the eighties, Charvel made a name for themselves by equipping their guitars with powerful humbuckers, floating tremolos and fast necks. They were known as the 'superstrats'. Now, they offer a range of affordable hot rod Tele-style guitars called the Pro Mod San Dimas Style 2. These models have either a fixed bridge or a tremolo, a maple or rosewood fretboard, and some are even available in a 7-string version! In short, Charvel's got something for everyone!

Super Stock and Signatures

Another new addition to the Charvel assortment is the Limited Edition Super Stock DK24. This black beauty is characterised by its versatile DiMarzio pickups and fast neck. It features a matte-black finish, which in combination with the dark ebony fretboard and red colour accents, makes this DK24 a real eye-catcher. Charvel's Signature Series has also received a number of additions, including an affordable version of the Joe Duplantier Signature in Satin White. There are also two new Guthrie Govan models which are available in Caramelized Ash and Flame Maple.

Keep an eye on the product pages for up-to-date information on availability and pricing.

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