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Classic Fender Japan Basses Coming to Bax-shop

Bass players, take heed: besides guitars, Fender has imported no fewer than nine vintage basses from Japan. It's been a while since the rumour started that the guitar builder was issuing a 'special run'. Now there are nine Fender Japan bass guitars to choose from. And the best news? This is not the last we'll hear of Fender's special runs!

No longer exclusively available in Japan

Lately, forums and other platforms have been abuzz with questions: will Fender still be manufacturing instruments in Japan? Anyone who was worried can rest easy; the answer is yes. Most of these instruments will still be marketed in Japan exclusively, but the guitar manufacturer has stated they will keep issuing their Fender Special Runs in other parts of the world as well, be it incidentally, in limited numbers. You, as a bass player, can reap the benefits!

The fifties, sixties and seventies

Fender will be importing four P basses and five J basses, all inspired by models from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. Virtually all of these full-scale models will have a vintage radius (7.25") and vintage frets. The only exceptions are the 70s Jazz Bass, which has medium jumbo frets (see image above), and the fretless 60s Jazz Bass. In all other regards, these are the same Jazz and Precision basses we know and love, but boasting outstanding Japanese quality.

Fender Japan Classic '50s P Bass Vintage White

When it was first introduced in 1951, the Precision bass shook the world of bass to its foundations. This model resembles the original quite closely. Like the others, this P bass has a vintage bridge with four saddles, and a slim neck with a C profile and twenty frets. The P bass's pickups caused a considerable stir back in the day; the two split single-coils were placed directly underneath the strings to enhance harmonics. The pickguard that's attached to the basswood body consists of a single layer of plywood - it doesn't get more original than that.

Fender Japan Classic '60s Jazz Bass Ocean Turquoise Metallic

The Jazz Bass is another ground-breaking model. It was introduced nine years after the Precision, and has been popular ever since. This Fender bass is perfect for players who like the feel of history in their hands, but still have an eye for the future. A blend knob enables you to mix the sound of the two single-coil pickups to perfection, and the machine heads are open at the back to allow for accurate tuning. Whether you choose this finish, or prefer a Fiesta Red orSonic Blue body, a gorgeous rosewood fretboard and a slim sixties neck profile are always at your disposal.

Fender Japan Classic '70s P Bass Olympic White

Throughout the years, musicians discovered they could play virtually any type of music with their Fender basses. In the seventies, for instance, they used them for anything from funk to hard rock, and from punk to disco. This P bass is a good example. Like its illustrious predecessor, it's equipped with two split single-coils that sing and growl, and add a healthy dose of punch to the mix. With its ribbed knobs and sealed machine heads, this Precision bass is a real workhorse that you can play for hours on end.

The Fender Japan Classic bass guitars are expected to arrive soon. Keep an eye on the relevant product pages for up-to-date information on availability and prices.

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