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Collapsible Studio Headphones by AKG!

If you're a musician, engineer, or producer who likes to take your music outside the studio once in a while, you'll surely appreciate AKG's collapsible headphones that come in three models: the K175 closed-back on-ear, the K245 open-back over-ear, and the K275 closed-back on-ear.


AKG Studio performance and comfort

These new studio headphones have been constructed with metal hinges in such a way that you can simply fold them up and pop them into your laptop bag or rucksack. AKG have designed them with special care and paid attention to the ergonomics to make them extremely comfortable to wear. The headband automatically adjusts itself to the contours of your head when you put them on and the foam-rubber ear pads aren't just comfy, they also ensure excellent acoustic isolation.

Collapsible, ergonomic design

As previously mentioned, AKG are launching three different headphone models. The K175 is equipped with 40 mm transducers and has a closed, on-ear design. These are perfect for live monitoring and mixing. Then, there's the K245, which has 50 mm transducers and an open, over-ear construction. They offer a more spacious sound, making them ideal for mixing and editing on the road. Finally, there's the K275, which has an over-ear, closed construction. These are suitable for critical listening in the studio or live mixing.

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Can't wait to find out more about these headphones? Check out the product pages below for the latest information on delivery times and pricing!

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