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Colour Your Sound with the EHX Crayon Full-Range Overdrive

Are you fan of a classic overdrive pedals, but are not too keen on the fact that the emphasis is often placed on the mid-range? Then Electro Harmonix has just the pedal for you. Contrary to 'old-skool' overdrives, the Crayon Full-range overdrive has independent Bass and Treble controls, hence the name: "Full-Range"

Classic meets tone control

If you've seen the video below, you may wonder why a pedal like the EXH Crayon hasn't been made before today. Even though there are lots of overdrive pedals with tone controls on the market, like the legendary Tube Screamer for starters, they almost always have a modern, sharp sound. Warm, classic TS-style overdrives are also a-plenty, but tend to suffer from the well-known 'mid-range hump'. The EHX Crayon finally combines a classic overdrive with comprehensive tone controls so you can use it to boost your tube amp or another effects pedal. The distortion goes smoothly from a light drive to full-blown overdrive, making it a very versatile pedal with lots of possibilities.

Which one is it?

When Electro Harmonix spread the word about the Crayon Full-Range Overdrive, they added a photo with two different-looking pedals. When asked why, an Electro Harmonix employee simply answered: “Mike would not tell us, so we don't know”. Mike, in this case, is of course Mike Matthews, pedal guru and EHX founder. It could be that Mike liked both versions so much, he still hasn't decided which he likes best. At this time, it's unknown whether both versions will be available in the UK, or if you can even choose the pedal you prefer. Granted, most guitarists probably won't care. They'll know they're getting an Electro Harmonix Crayon pedal with a deliciously classic and remarkably versatile overdrive.

Check out the product pages for details on delivery times and prices.

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