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Coming Soon: Sennheiser HD 650 and Apogee Groove Bundle!

Sennheiser and Apogee (a brand known for its extremely popular high-end audio interfaces for Mac and iOS) have joined forces. For those who consider pure audio quality the highest priority, these brands have come up with an attractive bundle that's nothing less than the best of both worlds. The HD 650 studio headphones feature an open construction for a broad, authentic stereo image that really brings your music to life. As well as Apogee Groove, this bundle also includes a USB DAC (digital-to-analogue-converter), the HD 650s' ultimate companion!

HD 650 and Groove: A match made in heaven

You're most likely aware that the HD 600 series by Sennheiser is used as reference headphones in just about every studio on the planet due to the neutral frequency response and open construction. A flat response is crucial for a good mix, but the audiophiles among us surely agree, it's also essential for music to simply sound the way it was meant to be heard. When you combine the HD 650 headphones with the Apogee Groove, your music truly comes to life. Outstanding AD/DA converters - no fewer than 4 per channel - ensure audio conversion that's accurate to the bit. You heard right! And it's available soon at Bax-shop!

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