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Coming Soon to Bax-shop: Antelope Zen Tour Audio Interface

Something special is on its way. It's tough, it's top-notch, and it's affordable. It's the Zen Tour audio interface by Antelope Audio! This little gem is worth the wait, especially for musicians who are often on the move from one jam session or gig to another.


The name Antelope Audio is synonymous with high-quality audio products, and usually, the price tags that go with them. Even though all Antelope products are worth every penny, they don't fall into everyone's budget. The Zen Tour, on the other hand, is another story. It's a product that boasts quality as well as quantity!


The Zen Tour is a portable audio interface that offers just about everything a band on tour could possibly need (except the blue M&Ms). With the name Antelope Audio attached to it, you can rely on stupendous signal quality. It features eight analogue inputs divided over four mic/line and Hi-Z/line connectors, as well as eight analogue outputs via D-Sub. It also has two sets of monitor outputs, ADAT, S/PDIF, two headphones outputs, Thunderbolt and a USB port. Also worth mentioning are its two re-amp outputs, a talk-back button, a gorgeous colour display and intuitive controls. And last but not least, it's got the lowest latency on the market!


The Zen Tour includes special effects software (for Mac and PC) that offer emulations of amplifiers, cabinets, Pulteq EQ, and AuraVerb reverb. Tweak the effects using your smartphone or tablet (free app for both iOS and Android) or other computers on the same network. These amazingly accurate effects are just the thing to add a touch of flare to your band's performance.

The Zen Tour is going to make quite an impression when it comes to mobile applications. You'd be investing in both quantity and quality, and let's face it, both aspects are vital when it comes to making music on a professional level. We hope to be able to deliver the Zen Tour audio interface sometime around mid-May (delivery time may be subject to change).

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