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Cort Introduces the Sunset Nylectric

The Cort Sunset Nylectric is designed for guitarists who want to switch between an electric solid-body guitar and a classical model in the blink of an eye. Where switching between those two types of guitars can normally take some getting used to, the Nylectric is the perfect blend. Its sound is 100% classic and comes from the Fishman Sonicore pickup with matching preamp. The Sunset Nylectric is available in a natural finish, as well as a sleek black one.

Quick switching

Because of the big difference in playing feel, many guitarists have to take a few moments to adjust when switching between electrical and classical guitars. Cort, however, have created a solution with the Cort Sunset Nylectric. The Nylectric's body is made of solid mahogany, and features sound chambers for enhanced resonance. It has a spruce top that adds some sparkling trebles to the mahogany's rich warm sound. Due to this construction, the Nylectric is a lot thinner than traditional classical guitars. Furthermore, its neck is more like that of an electric guitar than the usual wide neck of a nylon-string acoustic model. In short, this is the perfect blend between an electric and a classical guitar, making it easier than ever to switch back and forth.

Fishman electronics

The choice of Fishman electronics makes it clear that the Cort Nylectric is aimed at both serious hobbyists and (semi) professional guitarists. Both the piezo pickup and the Fishman VTB EQ are specially designed to work well with the unique tonal properties of nylon strings. As such, the Nylectric's sound is both powerful and organic, just like you'd expect from a great classical guitar. If you wish, you can use the tone controls to adjust the bass and treble levels, as well as the volume. Add to this the excellent comfort this guitar offers and its immaculate finish, and this modern classic becomes a better and better deal.

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