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Cort Presents Two New Matthew Bellamy Signature Guitars!

Guitarists who are fans of Matthew Bellamy and/or Muse are in for a treat! Cort is introducing two new signature models, the MBC-1 RS in Red Sparkle and the left-handed MBC-1 LH in matte black.

Supermassively popular!

Cort's Matthew Bellamy Signature Guitar is extremely popular, which is why they're adding these two new models to the range. For right-handed players there's the stunning Cort MBC-1 RS in Red Sparkle. Left-handed players haven't been forgotten either. They can get their hands on the matte black Cort MBC-1 LH. Both models have been designed in collaboration with the renowned Manson Guitar Works to produce instruments that fully match Bellamy's requirements. These unique guitars have a TOM bridge and locking machine heads for a solid sound with excellent tuning stability. There's also a kill button on board that lets you cut the signal, allowing you to create some interesting sound effects. Whether you're a fan of Muse or not, the Cort MBC-1 models are great guitars.

For more information about pricing and delivery times, keep an eye on the product pages.

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