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Crushing Bass Amps by Orange!

Orange introduces the Crush Bass amps for electric bass guitar in 25, 50 and 100-watt models, available in customary orange or classy black.

Orange Crush Bass: crushing tone!

At the start of the Crush Bass line, Orange presents the Orange Crush Bass 25 and Orange Crush Bass 25 Black. These relatively straightforward (practice) amps produce a strong, solid bass sound despite a modest 25-watt power capacity and an 8-inch speaker. For a bit more punch, the brand offers the Orange Crush Bass 50 and Orange Crush Bass 50 Black, which possess a 12-inch speaker and deliver 50 watts of power. While the 25-watt versions are only able to produce a clean, solid tone, the Crush Bass 50 features an extra overdrive circuit for giving that clean signal a raw, dirty edge. Your bass sound, however, remains solid and full so you'll still cut right through the mix. In the event that the 50-watt version still doesn't quite float your boat, then there's always the Orange Crush Bass 100 and Orange Crush Bass 100 Black. Both amps offer the same innovative overdrive circuitry but boast a whopping 100 watts of power and a 15-inch speaker to boot for a truly pulverising sound! No matter what type of music you play, there's sure to be an Orange Crush Bass that suits your needs!

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