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Cymatic Audio uTrack24 - new firmware

So how are things? Are you well on your way to producing the next big hit with your uTrack24? It is an affordable multitrack recorder that can handle 24 channels. As of today, the company that makes the uTrack24, Cymatic Audio, is offering a new firmware package.


The first of three all-new functions is the MADI support, which allows you to connect your uTrack24 to a veritable plethora of high-end studio equipment such as large mixers, stage boxes and the like. Moreover, MADI is perfect for live situations as you can use it in combination with incredibly long cables. This allows you, for instance, to record 24 microphones on stage while you and your uTrack24 are way in the back - behind the audience even.


The next delectable new titbit is all about recording MIDI files. This classic, reliable file format is still widely used and the uTrack24 can play them via its MIDI output.

Audio interface

Do you use your uTrack24 as an audio interface for OS X? Then, thanks to this firmware upgrade, you can record with a sample rate of 88.2 and 96 kHz.

Starting today, you can download the new firmware, together with the new manuals, at Cymatic Audio. Have fun with all the new options!

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