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Danelectro Takes You Back To '64!

Over the last few years, Danelectro have built an impressive range of guitar models. This year, they've taken on the challenge of reproducing a 1960's classic.

The Cadillac of guitars

The '64 has a reversed, double-cutaway offset body and comes in a range of striking colours. The metallic paint, in combination with the chrome-plated hardware, brings luxurious Cadillacs and powerful muscle cars from the '60s to mind. A number of authentic details have been added to further enhance the Danelectro '64's retro look. It sports a peanut-style neck plate, hat-style knobs and a cream-coloured pickguard. Whichever way you look at it, this model oozes style that makes it a real collector's item.

Versatile sound

The Danelectro '64 is a highly versatile instrument. It's fitted with a dual-Lipstick pickup at the bridge that delivers a delicious crunch that even a bag of your favourite crisps won't match. Fans of a typical single-coil twang won't be disappointed either thanks to the push/pull potentiometer that splits the pickup. There's also a single-coil pickup in a large vintage style housing that delivers a full sound with warm bass. Whether you play surf, country, blues or rockabilly, the Danelectro '64 can handle it.

Modern convenience

For a more modern feel and improved playing comfort Danelectro have chosen a neck with a slightly wider and flatter profile than you'd normally find on a true vintage model. The neck features 22 medium jumbo frets and is also equipped with a zero fret that gives the open strings a truer ring. The bridge is fitted with roller saddles to help it stay in tune. That means you don't need to worry when you want to go wild with the Bigsby vibrato unit.

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